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Sheriff Corvelli announces appointment of Carlo Caparruva as Undersheriff

Sheriff Peter Corvelli announced the appointment of Carlo Caparruva as Undersheriff of Union County, effective May 20, 2022.

union county sheriff sealUndersheriff Caparruva has served with the Union County Sheriff’s Office since 1993.  Undersheriff Caparruva has had a distinguished career with the Office, working in each of the divisions, to include assignments in the Court Security and Transportation Units in 1996 through 1998.

He was assigned to the current Field Services Division in 1998 and has remained there as an investigator and supervisor for the last 24 years.  Based on his investigative acumen with the Office, Undersheriff Caparruva was the one of the first Union County Sheriff’s Officers to be assigned to the United States Marshal’s Service NY-NJ Regional Fugitive Task Force.  During his three year tenure, Undersheriff Caparruva and the FTF were responsible for the arrests of some of NJ’s Most Wanted criminals.

Upon his return, he was promoted to Sergeant of the Family Violence Unit.  Under his supervision, the Unit saw a sixty percent increase in arrests, a trend he continued upon his transfer to the Criminal Investigations Unit.  As a Sergeant and Lieutenant, Caparruva was instrumental in the formation of the Office’s Street Crimes Unit, which assisted the cities of Elizabeth and Plainfield to quell impact crimes and gun violence. Undersheriff Caparruva is the recipient of 7 Commendation awards, 2 Unit Commendation awards, 8 Letters of Commendation, 4 Letters of appreciation, and multiple awards from his service with the USMS FTF to include the United States Marshal’s Service commendation award.

Sheriff Corvelli stated, “Undersheriff Caparruva’s well rounded career and leadership will help to continue our aligned vision of professional, empathetic and service-focused leadership for the Office.”

Undersheriff Caparruva will be sworn into Office on May 20, 2022 at 3:00 P.M. in the Courtroom of Union County Vicinage Assignment Judge, the Honorable Lisa Miralles Walsh. Admission to the event is limited due to social distancing requirements. Undersheriff Caparruva will join current Undersheriffs Dennis Burke and Victor Manata and Director Ronald Charles as the executive management team for Sheriff Corvelli.