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Spring Cleaning and Recycling Tips for Union County Residents

The Union County Board of County Commissioners invites all residents to bring their spring cleaning recyclables to countywide drop-off events. These countywide events provide a free, convenient way to clear out personal documents for secure shredding and recycling, unwanted metal items for resource recovery, and household chemicals, smoke detectors and many other potentially dangerous products for safe disposal.

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“We encourage everyone in Union County to participate in our countywide recycling events, and in their municipal programs, too. There are many opportunities to pitch in and help increase the recycling rate in our community, especially during spring cleaning season when the waste can pile up,” said Union County Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados.

Residents can participate in additional recycling programs for plastic film, electronics, block-type Styrofoam, fluorescent light bulbs and used motor oil. These programs are available at municipal drop-off sites with support from the Commissioner Board.

Union County’s Bureau of Recycling and Planning also advises using the “3 R’s” during spring cleaning this year, to avoid creating unnecessary and burdensome waste next year.

1. Reduce: Avoid purchasing new items that are similar to the ones that have been sitting unused in your garage or other storage area.

2. Re-use: Items in good condition can be cleaned up and sold at a garage sale or donated to charity. In some areas, local freecycling programs and online “buy-nothing” clubs are available for residents to give away unwanted items within their community

3. Recycle: Check with your local recycling coordinator or download the free Recycle Coach app to stay up-to-date on all recycling opportunities in Union County, including local curbside pickup schedules as well as drop-off programs. Recycle Coach also provides a handy “What Goes Where?” feature that makes it easy to sort items for recycling.

Union County residents who have a yard or community garden can also help divert useful resources from the waste stream – and save money — by recycling their kitchen scraps into compost.

Compost is a natural soil enhancer that helps reduce the need for artificial fertilizers. Visit to learn more about composting.

Experts from the Union County Bureau of Recycling and Planning are available to present recycling information to schools, community groups and other organizations. To schedule a program contact Heather Miara,

For more information and updates on all Union County recycling programs and locations, visit the Bureau of Recycling and Planning website at

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