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Union County Clerk Provides Answers to Questions about Vote-by-Mail

Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi urges voters to familiarize themselves with Vote-by-Mail procedures in advance of receiving their Vote-by Mail ballot for the  November 3 General Election. By Executive Order of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, the General Election will be held mainly through Vote-by-Mail ballots.

“Although the July 7 Primary Election was conducted by mail, the process is still new to many Union County voters. It is important for every voter to understand how to fill out and return their Vote-by-Mail ballot, to ensure their voice is heard on Election Day,” said Ms. Rajoppi.

“Inaccurate information can easily travel across social media, which makes it all the more important for voters to become familiar with Vote-by-Mail,” added Ms. Rajoppi. “Vote-by-Mail is a reliable and accurate way to vote.”

Vote-by-Mail ballots will be mailed to voters beginning this September. The mailings will continue through the first week of October.

To help voters learn about voting in the General Election, Ms. Rajoppi has posted FAQs on the County Clerk’s elections website,, and on the free Union County Votes mobile app.

Among the most frequently asked questions are:

  1. Who is going to automatically receive a VBM (Vote-by-Mail) ballot?

All active, registered voters will automatically be mailed a VBM ballot. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully before filling out the ballot.

  1. Do voters need to file an application to receive a VBM ballot?

No. VBM ballots will be sent automatically to all registered voters for the November 3 election. Governor Murphy’s Executive Order acts as the application from the voter.

  1. Can I vote at a polling place?

A limited number of polling places will be open on November 3 for voters who are disabled and need to use a voting machine. Any other voter coming to the polling location to vote will be given a paper or provisional ballot.

  1. How can I return my VBM ballot?

There are multiple ways to return a VBM ballot prior to Election Day, and on Election Day.

  1. Use any one of the 13 ballot drop-off boxes that will be placed at various locations in Union County. The locations will be announced in September.
  2. Drop it off at the County Clerk’s offices in Elizabeth at 2 Broad Street and in Westfield at 300 North Avenue East, or at the Board of Elections office in Elizabeth at 271 North Broad Street.
  3. Send the ballot by U.S. Mail. Pre-paid postage is provided on the ballot return envelope.
  4. On Election Day, voters can bring their VBM ballot to their designated polling place.

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