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Union County Clerk Advises Voters on Vote-by-Mail Ballots

government buildingUnion County, NJ – April 21, 2022 — Union County voters who plan to use a Vote-by-Mail ballot for the 2022 Primary Election are advised that their ballot will arrive in a bright yellow envelope this year, with the words “OFFICIAL MAIL-IN BALLOT/BOLETA OFICIAL POR CORREO” printed in bold, black lettering to the right of the addressee window.

“We introduced this eye-catching envelope in 2021, to help the ballot stand out from other mail, and help to ensure voters can easily recognize this important document from the County Clerk’s office. We are using it again in 2022 based on the positive feedback we received,” said Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi.

The office of the County Clerk is beginning the process of mailing Vote-by-Mail ballots for the 2022 Primary Election this week. Due to the volume of ballots involved, the mailing will be conducted in batches over a three-week period concluding in the middle of May.

The mailings will begin on Friday, April 22 with Vote-by-Mail ballots for the Republican Party. Ballots for the Democratic Party will be mailed after a judicial procedure is concluded.

The 2022 Primary Election Vote-by-Mail ballots also include County Committee positions for the Republican Party the first time this year. These positions were previously listed on a separate sheet.

To reduce the chance of accidentally misplacing or discarding a Vote-by-Mail ballot, voters are strongly advised to fill out and return their ballot as soon as they receive it.

Each Vote-by-Mail ballot comes with a return envelope with pre-paid postage, and an instructional booklet.

After filling out the ballot, voters should place it in the return envelope and check to see that their home address appears in the see-through window. 

Approximately 45,000 voters in Union County will automatically receive their Vote-by-Mail ballots.

Other Union County voters can request a Vote-By-Mail ballot by using the downloadable application form on the County Clerk’s elections website,, or by contacting the Elections Division at 908-527-4996 or

Voters who prefer to vote in person on Election Day will have polling places available to use.

For more information about the County Clerk’s election services visit or contact the Elections Division at 908-527-4996 or

For more information about all County Clerk programs and services, visit online at or call 908-527-4787.

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