Propane Tank Disposal

Propane tanks can be brought to Union County’s Household Special Waste events for recycling. These events are free of charge and are for residential use only; no tanks from businesses are accepted.  Find out more.

Home Depot, Lowes, and other hardware stores or filling stations and other establishments will exchange propane tanks for refilling.

Following is a partial list of businesses in the area that will accept propane tanks for disposal or recycling.

Propane Tank Disposal

Propane Filling Station
27 Hazelwood Ave., Rahway
Must buy a new tank or refill a tank
Synergy Gas
4700 S. Clinton Ave., South Plainfield
$10.00 drop-off fee
Taylor Rental Center of Berkeley Heights
284 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights
$6.00 plus tax drop-off fee, free if buying a new tank

Safety Tips

  • Keep the valve tightly closed and plugged with the “POL” left-handed thread plug.
  • Store propane gas cylinders outdoors ONLY.
  • Always keep cylinders upright and in a secure position when transporting.
  • Keep the windows in your vehicle open when transporting cylinders