Mosquito Control Schedule planned for tonight

The following locations will be sprayed for mosquitoes tonight, July 31, 2015. The hours of operations start after 7 pm and will cease by 11:30 pm.   Spraying will not occur if it is raining or the wind velocity is too high.

  • Berkeley Heights – Delmore Av., Marion Av.
  • Clark: Conger Way, Featherbed La, Frances Dr, Madison Hill Rd, King St, Bartell Pl. cook St., Fulton St., Nassau St., Sweet Briar Dr., Stone Hedge Ter., Meadow Rd., Hall Dr., Schwin Dr.,
  • Cranford : Woodlawn Av.  Area, S. Union Av. Area
  • Hillside: Harvard Ave, Cornell Pl, John St., Hillside Av.
  • Kenilworth: Dorset Dr., Water Co Rd.,
  • Linden: Tremeley Pt, Marion Ave, Lexington Ave, Bradford Av., Nora Dr., Union St.,
  • Plainfield: Reeves Ter., Wiley Av., St. Nickolas Blvd.,
  • Rahway:  Leesville Ave, Main St., Grove St Area, Central Ave, Church St, River Rd, walking path between  Whittier St. and Elizabeth Av., Donald Av. Area, Scott Av., Whittier St. Elizabeth Av.,
  • Roselle Pk: East Clay Ave, E. Colfax Av., Woodside Apts.,  Beachwood Av.  Area
  • Roselle: Raritan Rd, Pine St, Condo’s on Raritan Rd.
  • Springfield:  Diven St. Area, New Brook La. Area, Layng Ter.,
  • Scotch Plains: Tempe Ct., Clinton La., Clover La., South Av., Hetfield Av., North Av.
  • Summit:  Ascot Way, Malvern Dr., Stockton Rd. Area
  • Union:  Rahway Av., Walton Av., Sinclair Av., Frances Dr., Reinhold Dr.
  • Westfield: Eton Pl., Avon Rd. Area
  • Winfield: U.C. Parkway Dr.
  • County Parks: Oakridge Pk., Echo Lake, Milt Campbell,  Unami,  Watchung Reservation ( Loop and Museum Area)
  • Town Parks: Memorial and Lexington in Linden, Mindowaskin in Westfield