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John Shippen Drive at Scotch Hills Country Club


Union County Freeholders Vernell Wright, Alexander Mirabella, Bette Jane Kowalski and Sergio Granados joined Scotch Plains Mayor Kevin Glover, Councilman John Del Sordi, Councilwoman Rose Checchio and Ruby Simmons and Thurman Simmons Sr. of the John Shippen Memorial Golf Foundation at the official unveiling of a  ceremonial street sign at the Scotch Hills Country Club in honor of John Shippen, the first American to play in a U.S. Open golf tournament.

Shippen played in six U.S. Opens and he made his career in golf and served as professional at several clubs, the last of which was Shady Rest Golf Course in Scotch Plains, now known as Scotch Hills Country Club.

The road at the entrance to the golf course (off Jerusalem Ave.) will be known as John Shippen Drive.

(Photo by Jim Lowney/County of Union)