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Union County Division of Social Services Opens Offices this Saturday to assist those wishing to enroll in Obamacare Before Jan. 31st Deadline

The Union County Freeholder Board today announced the Division of Social Services would be opening their offices in Elizabeth and Plainfield this Saturday from 9 a.m.-noon in an effort to assist residents wishing to enroll in ObamaCare before the deadline on Sunday, January 31st.

The office addresses are: in Elizabeth at 342 Westminster Avenue; in Plainfield at 200 W. Second Street.

“Thanks in large part to the Affordable Care Act, more than 90 percent of Americans now have healthcare insurance,” said Freeholder Vice Chairman Sergio Granados. “Anyone who needs health insurance should make every attempt to enroll, and we are happy to offer this important assistance to our residents. One of the main reasons why we are providing this free service is also to avoid the penalties that residents could face by not being registered for health insurance.”

ObamaCare’s individual mandate requires that most Americans obtain and maintain health insurance, or an exemption, each month or pay a tax penalty. For more information on this penalty, please go to

The opening of both County offices on Saturday is strictly and solely to assist anyone who may be eligible for health coverage with meeting the requirements of the Affordable Care Act’s deadline which is this Sunday. The offices will not be accepting applications for any of their other services.

Anyone interested in applying for health insurance, should feel free to come to either of the offices at the specified time and bring the following documents: Photo ID for anyone above the age of 18, income verification, proof of address, proof of citizenship or legal residency.

More than 18 million Americans have enrolled in Obamacare since 2010. For more information on Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, please go to: