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Union County invites Municipalities to participate in “Seniors in Motion” Initiative

Letter sent to Mayors of all 21 towns to apply for 15-passenger vehicle to provide senior transportation

UNION COUNTY—-The Union County Freeholder Board today announced that letters have been sent out to all 21 Mayors of Union County inviting them to apply for a 15-seat passenger van provided by the County as part of Chairman Bruce H. Bergen’s “Seniors in Motion” initiative for 2016.

The initiative, which was last implemented in 2001, will provide municipalities that request it, with a passenger van (purchased by the County) for senior transport in the Fall. 

“Seniors are a growing segment of the Union County population and we remain committed to providing services to assist them,” said Freeholder Chairman Bergen. “They are an asset to our community as a whole and continue to shape our County in a positive way.”

Participating municipalities will keep the vehicle for its lifetime, and will be responsible for the provision of insurance, vehicle maintenance and provision of qualified drivers who hold a Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL). Some municipalities that participated in the 2001 initiative, had maintained their aging vehicles, and contacted the County about renewing the initiative this year.

Bergen declared 2016 as “the year of the Senior,” announcing the “Seniors in Motion” program and “Senior Focus” initiative, dedicated to improving and enhancing senior centers throughout the County.

Additionally, Union County’s existing Paratransit system will continue to provide rides, at minimal cost, for transportation to medical treatments and other related activities. The Paratransit fleet can accommodate those in wheelchairs and walkers and makes regularly scheduled trips to the Lyons VA Medical Center and the East Orange VA Medical Center.

Mayors wishing to participate in the “Seniors in Motion” initiative, should send a letter of interest by July 18th to:

Union County Administration Building
Attn: D. Saba, Office of the Director
Union County Department of Human Services, 2nd floor
10 Elizabethtown Plaza
Elizabeth, NJ 07207

For any questions, please contact the Office of the Director, Department of Human Services, at (908) 527-4808.