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Union County Chairman Responds to Governor’s Order on Transportation Trust Fund Authority  

COUNTY-SEALUnion County, NJ – Union County Freeholder Chairman Bruce H. Bergen responded to today’s Executive Order 210 by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, issued as a result of a lack of approval of new funding for the state Transportation Trust Fund. The order requires work to stop on all projects funded through the TTF Authority, due to a shortfall in funding.

“On behalf of the Freeholder Board, I urge Governor Christie and members of the state legislature to work together on an immediate solution that ensures the long term solvency of the Transportation Trust Fund Authority,” said Bergen. “It is vital that we continue our regular program of road and bridge resurfacing and reconstruction, to ensure the safe efficient movement of people, goods, and emergency personnel in and around Union County and New Jersey. We have millions of dollars in road, bridge and paving projects that may come to a halt based upon the Executive Order.”

The Union County Division of Engineering has 11 projects that could be affected by Executive Order 210.

Two bridge reconstruction projects and two road resurfacing projects are currently under way.

Six bridge reconstruction projects are in the design phase, and one road resurfacing project is in the design phase.

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