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Little Free Library opens in Union County’s Unami Park

Little Free Libraries are being installed all over the country. The book exchanges have grown to 36,000 around the world in 70 countries. Locally, we have seen little libraries popping up on front lawns. Now, a new Little Free Library at Union County’s Unami Park will join the movement to share books, bring families together, and create communities of readers. 

The Mothers’ Center of Central New Jersey (MCCNJ) brought the project of a Little Free Library to the Union County Freeholder Board. MCCNJ Members Trina Junod and Nicole Eng presented the idea to the County who enthusiastically approved the concept.

The MCCNJ  and Freeholder Board will host a launch party at Unami Park for their Little Free Library on Sunday July 29th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., open to the public. The celebration will include light refreshments, family storytime, and a book swap.

“We always look at new ways to expand resources being provided in our parks system–from the free WiFi we have introduced to new recreational activities, and this is another new service, which expands educational offerings to residents—both young and old–attending our parks,” said Freeholder Chairman Sergio Granados.

“One of our missions at the Mothers’ Center is to pursue opportunities to make the local community a better place for moms and their children and partners. By installing a Little Free Library in our local park, it is our hope this this Little Free Library will bring the surrounding communities together through literacy.”

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