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Winners of the 2021 Arbor Day Poetry Contest

Alexander Mirabella, Chairman, Union County Board of County Commissioners
Union County Commissioner and Shade Tree Advisory Board Liaison Bette Jane Kowalski
To the writers: Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Union County Arbor Day Poetry Contest! We are all very proud to host this special display of your work on the County website. Please know that your work in raising awareness about the importance of trees is very much appreciated by the whole Union County family. Through your ability to create and communicate, you have each made a significant contribution to encouraging environmental stewardship throughout our community.
To the readers: Please enjoy this unique window into the world of our community treescape, as seen through the eyes of local students in grades 4 – 8. Our 2021 contest winners invite us all to reconnect with the environment that sustains and surrounds us, each in their own very personal and thoughtful way.
We hope this exhibit inspires residents and visitors alike to appreciate, plant, and care for trees throughout Union County, and beyond.