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Spot the Remarkable American Woodcock in Union County, March 20

The Union County Board of County Commissioners invites bird watchers and nature fans to join Pete Axelrod of Friends of The Great Swamp for the annual Woodcock Talk & Walk workshop on Monday, March 20, in the Watchung Reservation beginning at 6:30 p.m. The original date of March 13 was rained out.

spot the elusive woodcock in union county parks flyer

“The Talk & Walk event provides our residents with an opportunity to learn about the American Woodcock and test their birdwatching skills in the Watchung Reservation,” said Union County Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados. “This amazing bird requires several different habitats to survive, and we are proud that our Union County parks play a role in preserving and protecting it.”

Participants will meet at Masker’s Barn in the Deserted Village of Feltville, in the Berkeley Heights section of the Watchung Reservation. Masker’s Barn is located at the far end of Cataract Hollow Road in the Deserted Village. GPS users can plug in “13 Cataract Hollow Road, Berkeley Heights” and follow road to the end).

The event is free and open to adults and children age 10 and up with an adult. Pre-registration is requested by completing an online form at

Hosted by the Union County Department of Parks and Recreation, the annual Woodcock Talk & Walk provides seasoned birders and beginners alike with the chance to catch a glimpse of the American Woodcock and learn more about this unusual and elusive bird.

The American Woodcock is known by a variety of colorful names including Timberdoodle, Labrador Twister, Night Partridge, Mudbat and Bog Sucker.  The species is most commonly referred to as the Woodcock due to its preference for wooded areas.

American Woodcocks are drawn to moist forests and require dense woodland, providing ample cover and food. In the spring, the bird seeks out forest clearings, abandoned fields spotted with low brush or open fields next to forest edges to serve as courtship sites.  In preparation for mating, male Woodcocks establish individual territories known as singing grounds.

The most fascinating attribute of the American Woodcock is the acrobatic courtship displays performed by the males.  As part of their mating ritual, a displaying male on the ground will emit a nasal, buzzing call referred to as a peent, to attract females. He then takes flight and ascends 200 or 300 feet. All the while, musical twittering sounds are made by the male’s wings. Afterwards, he will spiral or zigzag back to the ground while producing a liquid chirp.

The Talk & Walk event will begin with a brief presentation on the American Woodcock in Masker’s Barn. The presentation is followed by a short walk of approximately 1,000 feet to a nearby meadow, where participants can listen for telltale sounds of the Woodcock.

Participants are advised to dress warmly, wear sturdy shoes and bring a flashlight. 

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