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Union County to Hold Mental Health Roundtable focusing on Children & Youth& Access to Behavioral Health Services

union county stepping up to mental health flyer

The Union County Board of County Commissioners are proud to announce as part of Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados’ “Stepping Up to Mental Health” initiative, through his 2023 Chairman’s theme of “Building a Stronger Union County, the upcoming event “Mental Health Roundtable Focus on Children & Youth,” on June 13, 2023. This important event aims to bring together key stakeholders, experts, and community members to discuss and address the critical issue of access, equity, and affordability of behavioral health services for children and youth in the county.

Stepping Up to Mental Health was one of my main focuses within my initiatives from my 2023 theme,” said Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados. “This Mental Health Roundtable is a significant step in Union County’s commitment to prioritizing mental health and providing a platform for collective action and I am looking forward to attending, speaking and hearing from all of the panelists involved on how we can move forward together in helping our communities and residents who may be facing or know someone facing mental health issues.”

The event will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Kean University’s Liberty Academic Center, located at 1003 Morris Avenue, Building 2, in Union, NJ. It will feature engaging panel discussions led by prominent figures in the field, focusing on different aspects of the mental health system. The roundtable will serve as a platform to share insights, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration to improve the well-being of the children and youth in Union County.

The panel discussions will include: NJDCF Children’s System of Care, Improving Access, Equity & Affordability for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Services, Union County Schools, and Hospital Systems. These panels will discuss how Union County, as a community, can address children and youth mental health challenges, while working with local leaders who understand the need and can be an active agent in facilitating a meaningful dialogue to analyze community supports and systems of care. Additionally, these panels will directly shape how collectively Union County can address the challenges and build a comprehensive Behavioral Health Continuum of Care for the children and youth of Union County. Attendee’s insight and collaboration in this high level discussion will create the playbook that will allow Union County to develop creative solutions towards influencing and impacting systemic change that will lead towards community alignment.

Recently, the State of New Jersey allocated $5 million funding for the Union County Mental Health Project, which will help expand access, equity, and affordability for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Care Services. Furthermore, as part of the roundtable, Governor Phil Murphy and Senate President Nicholas Scutari will provide valuable insight on ways to explore strategies to improve this access and speak about the subsidies.

“The insights gathered during the event will contribute to the development of strategies, policies, and programs to improve the accessibility and quality of behavioral health services for the younger population,” said Debbie Ann Anderson, Director of Human Services. “I would like to thank the State of New Jersey, particularly Governor Murphy and Senate President Scutari for their continued support and commitment to Union County and our Mental Health initiatives.”

Anyone interested in attending and being part of this robust event, must register by Thursday, June 8th, 2023 at or contact the Union County Department of Human Services at (908) 527-4846 or email