Union County Planning Board


Kamal Saleh, Planning Board Secretary

Primary Phone: 908-527-4268

Secondary Contact: 908-527-4197

2023 Union County Planning Board Members

John DelSordi

Timothy McConway
Vice Chairman

Commissioner Representatives:

Sergio Granados
Commissioner Chair

Angela Garretson
Commissioner Representative

Engineering Representative:

Ricardo Matias, P.E.
County Engineer

Citizen Members:

Lawanda Gilbert

Art Kobitz

Steven Le

Andrew Wallen

Miguel Figueredo

Kevin Illing


The New Jersey County Planning Act, N.J.S.A 40:27-1 adopted in 1975, permitted the County Commissioners to create a County Planning Board of not less than five and no more than nine members. The Union County Commissioners through resolution adopted in 1976 established the Union County Planning Board pursuant to Article 27 of the New Jersey Statutes. The County Planning Board members consist of a mixture of County Commissioners, County Engineer, and Citizen Members with a varying degree of term length depending on member type. The members of the County Planning Board are selected by the County Commissioners and members conduct their responsibilities according to adopted County Planning Board By-Laws.

The County Planning Board, based on the County Planning Act, include responsibilities such as the preparation and adoption of a County Master Plan with accompanying maps, charts, and descriptions of board recommendations associated to transportation, roadways, open space, and sanitary and drainage facilities as may be important to the development of the County. The County Planning Board may adopt an official County map. The Planning Board encourages cooperation with local municipalities within the County on matters that concern the integrity of the County Master Plan.

Associated responsibilities of the County Planning Board include the review of site plans and all subdivision development applications as they may affect county roads and drainage facilities as described in the County of Union’s Land Development Standards. The County Planning Board may provide recommendations in relation to State Plan Documents and the board serves as a repository for local Master Plans and Zoning Ordinances in accordance to the County Planning Act and Municipal Land Use Law.

Municipalities are required within 30 days after the adoption of a zoning ordinance, subdivision ordinance, master plan, official map, capital improvement program, or amendments thereto, to transmit a copy of said documents to the County Planning Board for its records.