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Union County Freeholder Men and County Manager to have Hair Cut for Charity in “Union County Home Haircut Challenge” on June 18th

Freeholder Chairman Mirabella and Freeholder Vice Chairman Estrada, Freeholders Hudak, Granados, and County Manager Oatman to have hair cut to raise funds to assist victims of domestic violence; event to be broadcast live on Facebook

UNION COUNTY—Union County Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella and Freeholder Vice Chairman Angel Estrada, Freeholders Christopher Hudak, Sergio Granados and County Manager Ed Oatman will take up the “Union County Home Haircut Challenge,” and have their hair cut for charity live on Facebook beginning at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 18th

“We know the stress of this pandemic has put a lot of financial pressure on certain non-profit organizations and we wanted to come up with a creative and engaging way to help out,” said Freeholder Chairman Mirabella. “Specifically, we wanted to help victims of domestic violence, as unfortunately, the numbers have spiked during the pandemic.”

Mirabella has grown his hair longer than usual and is sporting a beard. No word yet on whether the beard will survive the challenge, or whether Mirabella’s wife, Phyllis, will weigh in on the matter.

The Freeholder men came up with the idea of helping victims of domestic violence and creating the theme for the event. Family members and/or friends of the Freeholders and County Manager will participate in making the haircuts with, of course, attention to safety and quality.

“I thought it would be a different way assist those in need, while using our long overdue haircuts to raise funds,” said Freeholder Hudak, who normally sports a close-shaved cut. “For all of us, it marks a first-getting our cuts live on social media. We are looking forward to sharing the moment with our Union County community, friends and family, and contributing to a worthy cause.”

Vice Chairman Estrada added: “This is a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds for the victims of domestic violence.  We are all looking forward to getting our haircuts and helping someone in need.”

Freeholder Granados said: “The pandemic has changed life for many people, and among the unfortunate results is a major increase in domestic violence. The County has been at the forefront of assisting victims of domestic violence, and this is yet another venue for us to help out, raise funds, and send a positive and heart-warming message as well.”

County Manager Oatman stated: “It has been heartwarming to see how Union County residents have helped each other during the COVID-19 outbreak, and we hope that this event will inspire others to reach out and contribute to a cause as we work through this crisis together.”

The event will be a fundraiser for a local charity the five men have selected.  Details on how to contribute to the charity are available on the Union County Home Haircut Challenge Facebook event page at The event will also be broadcast live off the same page, and the Facebook account pages of Freeholder Mirabella, Freeholders Hudak, Granados and County Manager Oatman. Those who make a contribution are urged to leave a comment on the event page or on the Freeholders’ and County Manager’s Facebook accounts, which are as follows.