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Thanks to the vision, planning and commitment of its forefathers, the County of Union is a rich and diverse region that boasts thirty-six parks, spanning 6,768 acres. These woodlands and open spaces, which comprise approximately 8.5 percent of the County’s total land, eloquently integrate our urban and suburban settings.

Collectively and individually, County residents and visitors enjoy the benefits of a legacy begun with the founding of the Union County Park Commission in 1921. The County’s parks offer us aesthetic beauty and expansive greenery provide scenic landscapes and a serene backdrop for a multitude of recreational activities.

Whether you are interested in the active sports of golf, horseback riding, tennis, swimming, jogging, soccer, archery or baseball, or the more passive pursuits enjoying nature, picnicking, strolling through a garden, or swinging on a playground, our parks provide something for everyone.

This site is designed to be your introduction to Union County’s park facilities and services. Please visit at your leisure, or attend one of the many programs, educational classes or special events. Most importantly, take advantage of the opportunity to enrich your spirit through the replenishing power of nature’s beauty. Please feel free to contact us at 908-527-4900.

Visit and Enjoy Your Union County Parks.